We help your business find wings.

Welcome to FMSquared, we specialise in helping new businesses with everything they need to fly higher.

From business strategy to marketing plans, to do lists and prioritising, we are here to help set up the right procedures so your idea can become a business, your start-up can start producing a stable income, your growth soars like never before.

How can we help your business today?

Business Strategy

Have you got a business idea but no idea of where to start from to make it become a reality? Are you a start-up in need of some advice on how to move forward? We can help with business strategy, marketing plans, to-do lists, prioritising, etc.

Marketing Strategy

Define and set up a 360° strategy to market your product and services.


Website/ social channels creation and management, email and social campaigns, content creation and SEO.


On and offline campaigns devised with your budget and goals on mind. From guerrilla marketing to email shots, surveys, social media campaigns and more!


Define, refresh or reinvent your brand according to the current market needs and existing competitors.


If you want to surprise clients or employees, attend a conference, need venue finding, stand design, entertainment, we can help make your event one to remember.

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About Me

Francesca Manca

Francesca Manca

I have worked in marketing and events for the last 19 years. Since 2016, I help emerging artists and new businesses take off by creating personalised business and marketing plans.

I live in Liverpool and work all over the UK, Paris and Milano, but try me with new destinations!

I collaborate with a selected group of experts who I partnered with over the years: developers, analysts, content writers, SEO analysts, events producers, and many more.

This means that from taking care of all your marketing and events, to just creating a plan for you to execute in-house, and everything in between, I am able to tailor a service that will fit your needs, instead of you having to choose amongst some pre-set packages which might not be what your unique business needs!